work in progress-now finished and sold

a work in progressa larger piece, 51 x 51 cm, 20 inches x 20 inches , with lots of bead work still to do, wanted it to be very bling and kitsch…

flower details of work in progress

detail of the bead work busy doing….still lots to do!

head detail of work in progressstill got work to do on head,

sofa detail of work in progressand legs / feet !

head detailfinished hair with lots of brown machine stitching in three tones,and gloves, pink fabric with paler pink machine stitching around cuffs to give lace effect……….and  two rings, yellow and red fabric with hand sewn beadwork.

bag detailThe bag was hand sewn onto a seperate piece of fabric…with lots of beading and buttons, sequins added and outlined with beads( turning in fabric edges as beading edge sewn on), then hand sewn into place on main detailthe tights are gold fish net….netting fabric machine sewn in place, and the shoes hand sewn beading and sequins.Finished piece, edges sewn and cut around beadwork flowers, and whole piece fixed to a deep edge canvas………..51cm x 51 cm, 20 inches x 20 inches.

Quandary ( bigger bag or smaller dog )20 x 20 inches on deep edge canvas.


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