angel hands foundation

I have been busy scribbling away with the ink pens recently, designing the logo for a new charity foundation called ….
Angel Hands Foundation

Angel Hands Foundation is dedicated to enhance health and well-being of those in need through holistic therapies.
The Foundation provides free training for qualified therapist who will make a significant difference in clients’ lives integrating complementary, alternative and beauty therapies to assist healing, give hope and empower independence.
In an age of impersonal care, we take the time to build rapport, connect and treat each individual enabling them to feel like them selves again.

The foundation was set up by Marianne Cox…

”Founder of Angel Hands Foundation, why? Because it’s the right thing for me. After spending over 10 years in the beauty and complementary therapy industry alongside 4 years teaching, I realised my passion, client’s satisfaction and appreciation was from promoting and improving people’s health and well-being using my skills and knowledge. Whilst completing my Foundation Degree in Complementary Healthcare and volunteering for the NHS in rehabilitation day centres and on wards, I came to realise the need for integration of complementary healthcare due to the amazing benefits it has, but also how hard it is to find placement in a healthcare settings. No more interested in luxury and pampering, beauty and vanity, I’ve started Angel Hands Foundation, a charity delivering holistic therapies to those in need by providing free training in complementary and beauty therapies for placement in healthcare. ”

Please check out their web site by clicking on Angel Hands in my blogroll on the right handside…

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