Craft Fayre

Some pictures from recent craft fayre…if you see anything on the site you wish to buy, contact me and i will set up a custom order in my etsy shop for you to order it!Me (in green) and Poppy( in red ) setting up.
A few of the bags I make – all made from new and recycled materials, which ensures every bag is unique, no two can ever be exactly the same.
An assortment of necklaces and brooches i make using my illustrations.

I also mae some fun cards with tree decorations…

More of the fun decorations.
Had a great day, thankyou poppy for helping!

2 thoughts on “Craft Fayre

  1. Good for you! It looks like you put a lot of work into the Craft Fayre! Was there a good turn-out? I have my first show in a week and am terribly nervous! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    1. Thankyou! It was good fun to do….not a huge turnout but made lots of pennies for xmas and restock so was happy! Good luck with your show…just enjoy it, i was nervous too, but it’s great getting feedback and chatting to people interested in creating and those that just appreciate the creations…you will have lots of fun! I looed at your website and absolutely love everything you make, it’s great!!!!Will be popping back again and again!

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