working on new little person

I have been a little busy and pre-occupied with this new art doll recently…she is still not finished, but I thought I would give a sneak preview of her. She is a hunter of the hunters…and has yet to have her various hunting equipment attached – which is why there are loose straps hanging from her back, she also needs another wrist band, big boots and her hair done..having lots of fun. As soon as she is finished I promise to return to the stitches! and do more art work!

3 thoughts on “working on new little person

    1. Hi Charlotte – lovely to hear from you…thankyou! I am sat making her boots at the moment and imagining her story, but she still has not told me her name…so if you have any ideas!!!

  1. Sam,
    Names are not my thing. I have enough trouble remembering them.
    My husband had to make the list for our son’s name, he was only called Edward as I like Teddy Bears.

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