the audacious beard company …

beardy banner

this is a new venture for me and jereme ….

Gentleman’s apothecary for discerning chaps and valiant fellows with audacious beards or meticulous moustaches.

 moustache wax = All natural and handmade, our moustache wax is hydrating, strengthening, nourishing and perfect for maintaining meticulous moustaches of every length and nature.

beard oils = Whether your whiskers are freshly born or faithful, constant companions, our handmade essential oil blends will help keep them cleansed, nourished and hydrated, allowing them to grow thick and strong and manly whilst also nourishing the skin, softening the hair and adding a pinch of audacity – to suit your beards character…

Audacious adj:  Intrepidly daring, adventurous,   fearless, dauntless, courageous, brave,

                                 valiant, recklessly bold, rash, impertinent, brazen, insolent.

Which best describes the nature of your whiskers?

The Audacious Beard Co. was founded in 2014, in Kent, England. It’s mission is to create natural, hand – made oils and waxes to keep even the manliest of beards and whiskers soft and healthy.

Feed your beard and make it Audacious!

 …. So if you know a whiskered chap send him to our new site or the facebook page … or if you are in need of gifts for discerning chaps with whiskers … come see our audacious products…  the descriptions are worth a read and a chuckle x

Bearded ladies also welcome xxx

spread the word and like our facebook page if possible … x thank you hugely x

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