8 thoughts on “Links to my art works

  1. sam you are as always brilliant – why did i not see that lovely doll ???
    will be in touch soon x

    1. Hi Theresa! thank you lots! will be making more fret not! Hope all is good and shiny with you! x

  2. I bought The Bug Catcher on Saturday. Was in Fresh & Easy sitting in his direct line of fire. Thought the mask was a separate item. I was thrilled when Daryl popped it on.
    Their machine was not up and running but went back on Wednesday and paid with my debit card so hope he has passed the proceeds on to you.
    In discussion with a photography student he told me I should find an item and photograph it 40 times from different angles which I plan to do with The Bug Catcher. It is so fascinating and makes the perfect object.
    Love your work and thrilled to own this.

    1. Thank you so much for loving him so much you bought him…I hope he makes you smile whenever you are in his line of fire! A huge smile knowing he is going to a great home…you must e-mail me a pic of him in his new home! Thank you again!!! sam

      1. Will do. This is my first message sent having finally connected to broadband this afternoon. Was using a notebook with a Vodafone sim card that was VERY slow so can now download and send photos. If you don’t mind will also create an album and add photos of him to my FB account to share with my family & friends (most of whom are in South Africa and scattered throughout the world) but will give your websites i.e. this and also rubytrinket, for those in the UK.

  3. Have 2 original landscapes painted by Mr. Crow for a friend, Bill Osborne, around 1980 in LA. Would love to know value. One is titled, Sunday, depicting a boat dock.

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