Vincent and Vanessa Vespertilio …

My two latest Curious Creatures – Children of the Piper, art dolls will be available to buy from  4p.m g.m.t  today in my etsy shop

but only for a limited time, as I’m in the midst of a house and studio move – yikes – and will be closing the shop in a few days time until I am set up in the new studio xxx this one

Children of the Piper ….

all soldMy Children of the Piper Dolls – never returned from exhibiting at the Old Jaffa Museum in Israel – they all sold!
Thank you lots and lots – I hope you enjoy their company!
Now I need to get back into the studio and start work on more!!!!!

The three art dolls  = red riding hood, Evangeline, and Alicia have now returned from Israel and are currently available in my etsy shop xxx Along with prints in card form – of some of my dolls, ink art and drawing with stitches embroidery work … or just click on my store link at the top of the page xxx


exhib etsy pic
They each come with their very own unique – one of a kind book, which contains their personal  story especially written for them and pictures, a signed certificate of authenticity,  a stand and heaps of attitude !
the dolls in the left hand corner belong to another doll artist – who is wonderful = Neta Levy, here is a link to her face book page =
you can now click on the store sign at the top of the page to go straight to my shop xxx


new etsy shop

After lots of enquiries about where to buy my art i have decided to open an etsy shop to make everything easier for all of us!
It is called RubyTrinket, and you can link straight to it on my blogroll under etsy shop, or ruby trinket…please have a peek!
I have added a category at the top of this blog called Ruby Trinket, which is a mini blog about the shop…have a look and see what’s new etc!
At the moment i have added pendants to the shop, with tiny prints of my art pieces…if you would like me to make a specific pendant for you with a print of one of my pieces, please just e-mail me and i will see what i can do!
More pendants will be added soon as well as aceos – tiny collectable limited edition prints 2.5 x 3.5 inches – like trading cards, with a signed certificate of authentication on the back, larger prints and originals, and any crafts i make in the future!
I hope this will make it easier for everyone! Just let me know if you are after anything in particular!

I took the Ruby Trinket collection to my exhibition in Folkstone, at the Creative Quarter in August, to try them out and get some feedback….they flew off the stands!
The most popular were the pendants with miniature prints of my ink art inside…
Thankyou everyone who bought one, enjoy!

Thankyou for the wonderful response and feedback!
I will begin to start putting them for sale in the etsy shop very soon!