Christmas exhibition 2012

exhibition poster 2012Thank you everyone who popped in to have a look, or to peer through the window at the music mann and take photos! an enormous thank you to everyone who took a little – or large! – creation away with them – i hope they continue to make you grin! Hopefully the art dolls and Professor Mercurio have settled into their new homes!

all all1

blog and sculp the bug catcher in the window with his ink drawing ( drawing sold)

blog and sculp3 the dancer art doll and the Professor (sold)in window

blog and sculp6blog and sculp14

blog and sculp1blog and sculp7

blog and sculp7 alice, the bride, the wreath and large stitch picture all sold

blog and sculp12 all2

stitch2 textile pieces – bottom left sold ink stitch3 steampunk ink drawing sold and the cityscape ink drawing

stitch8 stitch5 crafty corner did really well!

stitch9  lots of the brooches, bags, gloves, scarves, cuffs and jewellry soldstitch10 stitch11 stitch12 stitch21 thank you again!

I will be updating etsy (Ruby Trinket) very soon with some of the jewellry and some new necklaces [ brooches, pictures and art dolls!

Sometimes i climb tall trees…

‘Sometimes i climb tall trees and wear fancy hats with wellington boots’ is now in its frame!

sorry about the reflections!

70 x 100 cm     £300

working on another stitch picture…and the bug catcher still

Whilst waiting for the frame for ‘sometimes’ and to appease the sewing urges whilst i am working away on the bug catcher sculpture…i have begun another stitch picture…lots to do still, but here’s a quick preview of both…

i amworking on  his head at the moment – but i don’t want to ruin the surprise by showing it yet! Lots and lots to do !!!!!!!!!!! But he’s getting there and is complaining that i should hurry up and start painting him because he has a mission to complete! So i better carry on….

The bug catcher and another stitch picture – both in progress!

Just so you don’t worry that my fingers have been idle recently …a few pictures of what I am working on at the moment…
a new sculpture … the bug catcher, from one of my pen and ink illustrations … His leather funnels!
He’s lots of fun to do – but still disturbingly headless – lots to do!

And the new large stitch picture i am working on simultaneously…. the girls’s outfit, hat and long feather will be the only colour / fabric – the trees i have machine embroidered and am busy working into it by hand to give the effect almost of biro scribbling / sketching…once i have finished the trees i will add beadwork to the hat and long feather…

Two New Stitch Pictures

I have taken a time out from making tiny weapons for the latest art doll and thrown myself back into the stitches…these two new pieces appeared…

There is no such thing as ‘too many shoes ‘!    SOLD
Textiles, free hand machine stitching, hand sewing, bead work …in a white frame … 21 x 17 inches.

You drive me cuckoo!
Textiles, free hand machine sewing, hand sewing, bead work…in a white frame… 17 x 21 inches.
This is probably due to far too many hours sat making tiny arrows and going slowly mad with their fiddlieness! It is a textiles version of my pen and ink drawing – You make me cuckoo!

If you see anything on my web site that you want to buy – just send me an e-mail and I can put it in the etsy shop – Ruby Trinket – so you can buy it on line via pay pal or bank card and i can send it straight off to you – simples!

Ink, Paint, Stitch Exhibition 2011

The Ink, Paint, Stitch Exhibition – August 2011 – Creative Quarter, Folkstone, Kent – part of their triennual fringe exhibitions….Jereme and I had a great time again exhibiting in the Creative Quarter and meeting new people and friends from our previous exhibition. Thankyou everyone who visited, bought, helped and supported…Poppy, my parents ( and their friends who were gently! encourged to buy artworks ), Josie and Roger, Theresa ( great to see you again! thankyou for your purchases and all the encouragement), Shane ( great to finially meet you properly – hope the camper van adventure was blissfully quirky – huge smile to you, thanks for being a friendly face! ), and Charlotte Watkinson ( who has bought several of my pieces in the past, but whom i had never met before…)thankyou for visiting and taking away Hook – it was really great to finially meet you! And to little Ruby who has a wonderful name and loves grizzly bears – a big smile – and everyone else …..thankyou!
setting up!

Our initial venue … in Tontine street …

I included the Ruby Trinket necklaces…which were a huge success and very popular, especially the pendants which displayed my latest ink art.

also made some necklaces of Jereme’s work…

Poppy exhibited her photos…which people were very impressed with…she sold all three!

she also made hair slides called poppies especially for the exhibition, which almost all sold!

some of Jereme’s artwork from the exhibition

our next venue in The Old High Street, Creative Quarter, Folkstone…you can just make out my dad being busy helping us set up during our mad dash from the first venue to the better situated one in the Old High Street …it only took a few hours to take everything down and set it all back up again….exhausting! Sorry to everyone who walked all the way up Tontine Street looking for us…we moved after two days when a better exhibtion space became available in a more preferable situation…I hope the redirections worked and you found us! If not i – apologize profusely!!!!
Another fun exhibition – thankyou all!

And now….a gallery of the pictues….Minerva, pen and ink
Eiza, pen and ink
Spinning Alice, pen an ink
Alicia Doolittle, pen and ink
Ruby, pen and ink – sold
Angel, acrylic paint – sold
The Power of Words, pen and ink and collage, SOLD
Once Upon A Time…, pen and ink, SOLD
Alicia and Bear, pen and ink
Time…pen and ink, SOLD
Blush, pen and ink and red pencil -sold
Who says I can’t fly, pen and ink
Ruby Tuesday, pen and ink and red pencil, SOLD
Patience, pen and ink
Falling Alice, pen and ink – sold
Alice and Rabbit – a portrait of Poppy – pen and ink, SOLD
A Modern Day Alice, pen and ink – sold
Hook, pen and ink illustration, SOLD
The Darling Children, pen and ink illustration from Peter Pan
the Bug Catcher, pen and ink illustration
the Ticket Collector, pen and ink illustration – sold
Amelia, watercolour and acrylic
A longing for wings, watercolour and acrylics
Duo, watercolour
Reunited, drawing with stitches on fabric
Lovely Curves, drawing with stitches on fabric with beadwork – sold
Blue Pyjamas, drawing with stitches on fabric

Sunglasses, drawing with stitches on fabric
a framed collection of three limited edition prints – who says i can’t fly, alicia doolittle and swing, pen and ink, SOLD
Eat Cake, drawing with stitches on fabric with bead work, on box canvas, SOLD
Captivated, drawing with stitches on fabric with bead work on box canvas, SOLD
Lots of Limited edition prints of all my art work in various sizes…lots sold, but still have more available!
Diary Room, drawing with stitches on fabric on box canvas, SOLD

All the pen and ink pictures can be seen in better detail in my ink art collection…click on ink art at the top of the page!

If you wish to buy any of the artworks contact me and i will let you know how i can get them to you. I will be slowly adding everything to my Ruby Trinket shop on etsy ( click on the link – sorry about the delay if not a lot up yet, so much to catch up on), including all the jewellry, some new bags i am busy creating and the new drawing with stitches i am working on – some from the ink art drawings.
Thanks for looking, big smile to all!


drawing with stitches on textiles…it is stretched on a deep edge canvas frame……20 inches by 20 inches.

Captivated   20 inches by 20 inches, SOLD.

shrinking violet

machine embroidered textiles and handsewn beadwork stretched over a 40cm x 40 cm, 16 inch x 16 inch canvas


work in progress

I decided to try and do a stitch version of one of my doodles…doodle drawing 1

i began by drawing it out in stitches on the machine…then added fabrics…..doodle drawing in stitches

next i will begin to work into it in more detail by hand and machine, adding beadwork etc perhaps…..I’ll just see where it wants to take me!

Quandary- Bigger bag or smaller dog?

machine and hand sewn textile picture with handsewn beadwork, on a deep edge canvas 20 inches by 20 inches, 51 cm x 51 cm.

Available at The Harbour Gallery, Whitstable, Kent.   SOLD