Alicia grows wings ….

Whilst sitting in her etsy tower awaiting rescue, Alicia insisted that I stop whatever else i was doing to make her some wings – she never explained why – perhaps it is to enable her to follow the butterfly on her hand – wherever it may lead her, or perhaps she intends to rescue herself!
But, even though she has now transformed herself into a mischievious fairy, she still seems uncertain as to whether or not she is inside a fairy tale story … and often asks me if she is real … even though she comes with a one of a kind story book which contains her own story and photos!
I have reduced her for Christmas = from £240 to £180 – Shipping costs are £15 in the U.K and £35 elsewhere…

9c d f g

find her in my store, link at the top of the page of here –…/one-of-a-kind-art-doll-alicia-and-her

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