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  1. Dear Sam,
    I have already contacted Jeremy about featuring him on my blog, the Figurative Artbeat. He graciously has said yes. I was writing the post and saw your blog link on his site. I would very much like to do a feature on you as well. If so, could I use photos and information from your blog?

    Would it be possible to link the two of you together. It looks as if you are part of the same gallery and I could mention it at the same time. Forgive me for not knowing how you are related.

    You can view my blog at http://www.thefigurativeartbeat.com

    And can answer this email at alice@thefiguativeartbeat.com

    Thank you for your time,

    Alice Stroppel

    1. Hi Alice…Thankyou for your message, I am so sorry it took until now to reply, my computor is blocking some messages as spam for some reason..I’ll have to sort that out! would love for you to feature me on your blog..and you’re very welcome to use what you need and link Jereme and I together , that would be great thank you! Sam

  2. Hi there,

    I came into The Creative Quarter today and found your textile art work hugely inspiring, you have an amazing talent!

    I have just finished a National Diplomar in Fine Art and now it appears I have entered the summer holidays and feel I still need to keep my creative mind alive.
    I just wondered what inspires you as an artist? And does your art work have a meaning behind it i.e maybe a fond memory?

    Topaz x

    1. hi Topaz,
      thankyou so much for your lovely comment and for coming in to see the exhibition. Sorry it has taken so long to respond, but the show has been zapping all time and energy…..it has been going very well and i have sold lots of pieces, which was a huge and wonderful surprise as i wasn’t sure how people would respond to them being textiles and stitches, but the response was very positive, which is great, and fantastic for textile art.
      i am always inspired by the fabrics……i love them and could spend hours sorting through them…….often when i see a fabric it conjures up a mood or an image or both…. i studied costume design so the clothes often are are the main focus, and the characrers personalities.
      thankyou again for coming in to see the work….good luck with your artwork…just draw everyday…anything and everything …. sam

    1. That’s wonderful, thanks Alice…I,m excited to see it….huge, huge fan of art dolls/ people( they feel more like people!)…so was very chuffed you contacted me! Thankyou, Sam.

  3. hi sam, im currently studying fine art at college and we were told to study textile artists. i came across you and have been really inspired. i love your work and i think its brilliant especially ‘reunited’ and ‘sunglasses’ its really given me the boost i need for my exam. keep up the really great work x

    1. thanks sarah! good luck with your exam. let me know how you do! i’m really happy that the work had such a positive effect on you, that’s a greatand wonderful thing, and always a huge encouragement to get more work done, thankyou lots x

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